YOU Introduce The Lumineers

lumineersHere’s your opportunity to introduce The Lumineers and YOU on our WORLDWIDE netwaves!

Rather than playing artist-recorded station promos (and we may do that from time to time), we thought it would be even cooler to let fans of the artists we play introduce their favorite artists.
So, let’s make it happen!

All you need to do is record your voice introducing yourself and The Lumineers on your phone, computer or other device, save it as an MP3 and send it to us. We’ll take it from there.

So here’s what we need. First, introduce yourself and where you live. Introduce The Lumineers, then close with “on The Big Beautiful World”. So here’s a script example to put the picture together:

“Hello, I’m Mariel Rosseau listening in Paris, France and this is The Lumineers on The Big Beautiful World.”

This is Amy Banner listening in Seattle, Washington. Here’s The Lumineers on The Big Beautiful World.”

“I’m David Hammond listening in Urbana, Illinois Here’s a song by my favorite band The Lumineers on The Big Beautiful World.”

These give a basic idea. Make sure to keep your intro is kept to about 12 seconds

Here are the guidelines for your intro.

  • Your voice must be clear. We don’t mind if you record indoors or outdoors, but your voice must be heard clearly above anything else
  • Use our script as a guide, but if you add some flair, that’s cool.
  • Keep the language clean–and in English. We invite listeners from all over the world to submit an intro.
  • Don’t mention a specific song.
  • No need to say “Thank you” at the end (although we love your manners).
  • Keep your intro under 12 seconds.
  • Only playable MP3s files are acceptable.


When you get it all together. Send an email (with file attached) with the name of the band and “Intro” in the subject to So in this instance, the email subject would read ” Lumineers Intro”. Please include your name and location in the email itself.

We’ll try to add many intros as we can, but whether yours will be chosen will be based on the quality of the sound, creativity and compliance with our other guidelines. Good luck and we hope to hear you on the radio.


Disclaimer: Submission of file grants and DGD Communications/DGD LLC. the right to use your audio on the network. Sender of the file has all rights to submit the file. There shall be no financial exchange for material submitted. We respect your privacy and will not share your email or other information with any other parties.